Labrador Retrievers Enjoy Outdoor Activities and Family Companionship

A finance executive and founder of Alternative Investments Group, LLC, W. Massie Meredith, Jr., pursues a variety of outdoor hobbies, including golf, platform tennis, sporting clays, and hiking near his Highland County, Virginia log home. W. Massie Meredith, Jr., also enjoys spending time with his two female, black Labrador Retrievers.

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Labrador Retrievers possess prized qualities such as intelligence, patience, and a stable temperament. In addition to belonging to countless families as pets, Labrador Retrievers participate in search-and-rescue operations and act as companions for individuals with blindness or other disabilities.

True to their origins as retrievers of fish and game, Labrador Retrievers enjoy hunting, swimming, running, and other outdoor activities. Due to their intelligence and love of exercise, they can become destructive if kept indoors for too long. Interestingly, Massie has trained his two labs to grouse hunt, which is unusual within the breed.

On average, adult Labs weigh around 70 pounds, with males generally being heavier than females. Unusually large Labs can top 100 pounds. A typical Labrador Retriever enjoys a lifespan of over a decade, and many live to 12 years or older.

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