About W. Massie Meredith Jr

6For more than 30 years, W. Massie Meredith, Jr., has provided expert financial services to a diverse client base. Meredith began his financial services career with Wheat First Union (now Wells Fargo Advisors) in Richmond, Virginia. An advisor with the firm for 16 years, he wan names a SVP and earned “Director’s Circle” status on multiple occasions. W. Massie Meredith then transitioned to a similar role with Memphis based Morgan Keegan & Company, where he provided advisory services to clients as well as recruitment and management on behalf of the firm.

Now founder and managing member of Alternative Investments Group, LLC, William Massie Meredith offers a broad range of investment opportunities to individuals and companies. Focused on high-net-worth clients, he recently introduced a premium financed, non-qualified life insurance product to companies with more than 20 employees. Also, a member of the investment advisory committee of the $520 million Richmond Retirement System and the investment committee of the $32 billion Virginia529 College Savings Plan, William Massie Meredith is actively involved as an alumnus of the Woodberry Forest School and the Virginia Military Institute.


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